How to measure your calf

Wide Shaft is proud to admit that we have the most diverse and extensive selection of wide and extra wide calf boots to choose from.

As you browse through our products you will notice that we carry a wide range of boots with different shapes, this will allow you to pick boots that you believe would fit your calf best. For example the boots that have a more uniform shaft will fit every leg shape. This includes those who have larger ankles and/or mid-calves.

If you have difficultly with zipping up a standard boot past your ankle or mid calf, this is the boot shape that will best fit your calf. These boots are meant to have a fuller fit around the ankle and the lower shaft. The boots that have a fuller fit around the ankle and lower shaft would be the ones to look for. These boots are fitted up until the topmost portion of the calf, where it becomes extra-wide or super-wide. Our boots are made to fit many different ankles and lower calves, therefore in these areas all of ours boots will not have a snug fit, this may be easily altered by a shoemaker.

We carry one of the biggest selections of wide shaft boots with the widest calf sizes in the market, in addition all of our boots are made with an elastic gore near the zipper to make the boot fit your calf properly. However we take this idea even a step further, for those of our costumers that need a larger calf size than what we already carry.

As always we look forward to providing you the best customer service, large quality selections and customization for your boots if needed. Feel free to contact us anytime if you need more support with customizing fit for your boots or any other questions.

We will literally customize your boots to fit your calf size by adding additional leather to the boot that will not take away from the look to fit you perfectly

Wide Calf Boots