Tips for choosing the right boot

†††† Every fall season we see amazing boots in all kinds of styles adorning models legs up to their knees all over magazine covers. We consistently hear various style experts telling us that every woman needs a pair of sexy knee-high boots regardless of wide your calves are. There is a degree of truth in that though Ė nothing looks sexier than a pair of knee-high boots for wide calves worn with a short skirt and gorgeous sweater.

For some woman itís OK to walk into any store and grab a pair that fits them perfectly, but for the vast majority of us itís frustrating finding the perfect pair only to find they donít have our size. I donít know of a single store that I can walk into and pick up a pair of sexy knee-high boots for wide calves. You can walk around all day looking for the perfect pair of wide calved boots and still return home empty handed, or you can use a tool most of us have and solve a problem via the internet. There are a few things to keep in mind though before we shop online for that perfect pair of wide calved boots.

Keep in mind that a good pair of boots for big calves are not like a regular pair of shoes, good boots can be viewed as an investment of sorts because they can last a long time. Leather boots are one of the best, if youíre OK with leather; they only improve with age if they are taken care of. Leather boots should be wiped down after each use and kept as clean as possible. Polish them too from time to time and check the heels for wear and tear.
Leather boots have been seen on the cat walks and in various fashion magazines, season after season so I donít think theyíre going to go out of fashion anytime soon. So handing over a couple of hundred dollars for a good pair of well fitting boots for wide calves may seem a bit steep in the beginning but keeping in mind how many times they will be worn should make it a sound investment.

The key to a pair of boots for wide calves that you want to wear often is to make sure they fit perfectly, so youíll need to measure the circumference of your calves. The majority of manufacturers provide the calf circumference as one of the measurements given with the boot and some also offer additional stretch. If you are still worried about the boot not having enough room for your calves even after measuring them then you could consider a pair that lace up the back or side. That way youíll get the same great look, but with the peace of mind of a customizable fit Ė that may also come in handy if you travel your feet swell on long flights.

If you are still concerned about fitting into a good pair of boots and you donít wear short skirts on a consistent basis you may want to even consider a boot with a shorter shaft. By getting shorter shaft boots you may be able to get more than one pair since they wont be as expensive and still accomplish the, in the famous words of Nancy Sinatra, ďthese boots were made for walkingĒ look. A good pair of pant boots will extend beyond your ankle and will cover your leg even while sitting and will provide that sophisticated by day and sexy by night look. Compare the retailerís height measurement against your own leg then try on a pair of trousers to see if the boots will come up high enough Ė you donít want to see part of your leg even while youíre seated.

Another important tip, if possible, is to try purchasing more than one pair of boots if youíre not 100% sure about the exact size. That way you can try them on in the comfort of your living room and walk around for a while so see how they feel, then send back the sizes you donít want. This could save you the hassles of swapping out boots through the mail every few days while searching for the perfect pair.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing your boots is to keep in mind what youíll be wearing beneath your boots. Keeping a barrier of some sort between your skin and boot will prevent chaffing and could help preserve the life of the boot too. When I wear my boots I opt for either stockings or knee-high trouser socks that are the same color as the boots. If youíre wearing a skirt and trouser socks make sure they arenít longer than the boots, but it youíre wearing trousers with the boots, then it makes sense having longer socks to prevent your legs from peeking through. Make sure you wear the same socks when youíre trying on the boots that way youíll ensure the right fit for when youíre walking about in the real world.

One final factor to keep in mind when choosing that sexy boot is heel height. Many women can run a half marathon in 3 inch stilettos on a daily basis, but may not be you. To find youíre comfortable height measure the height of a pair of heels you already own and then think how much higher youíre willing to go (if at all). Obviously the wider the heel, the more stability it will provide.

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